CBS! CBS? Really?

I was looking at the top-rated shows the last two weeks in Entertainment Weekly magazine, and I must say I am out of it.  With the exception of “American Idol” and a few other shows, it seems that CBS OWNS the list of the Top 25.  I don’t have the list in front of me and I am too lazy to get it, but I know “NCIS” is towards the top. And the other NCIS show is on there too.  I still don’t even know what NCIS means.  The most perplexing entry on the list was the show “Criminal Minds”.  First, I had no idea that show was getting good ratings (though I guess it has been going for some time now).  But if you held a gun to my head and asked me if there was more than one “Criminal Minds” show and I would get shot if I was wrong, well, I would be dead (or at least majorly wounded).  There is more than one.  Never seen either.

“Criminal Minds”, “NCIS”,”CSI”,”Law and Order”……man, we love our crime investigation I guess.  Though don’t lump me in there.  I have been watching “The Chicago Code”, however, and it’s not bad.  Still, I prefer to watch a good movie rather than have to keep up with a TV show.   And if it wasn’t for the DVR (or VCR if you still do it the old-fashioned way), I don’t know how I would keep up on any.  You can also get previous seasons of shows on DVD and Netflix, but I digress.

CBS.  Wow.  The channel my friend and I always joke looks “yellowish” or run through some color filter.  Maybe it’s in my head since the CBS logo is yellow.  I should mention that while they have all those crime shows, their comedies were also in there….”Two and a Half Men” (though how much longer?) and “How I Met Your Mother” (Neil Patrick Harris….really?).   Hardly any shows I watch were on the list, like “The Office” or “The Middle.”  Weird.  I would have guessed “The Office” would be on there for sure.

It would be interesting to see how long this has been going on.  I remember when I was a kid ABC was the talk of the town.  Now I bet it’s #4. And it depending on how you look at it, it appears I am right.


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