Not sure why I bother signing up for anybody’s tweets.  I never check Twitter.  I’d like to know what membership is in Twitter vs. Facebook.  I think of Facebook being like 15 times higher.  My mom has a Facebook page, but I can’t ever imagine her starting a Twitter feed.  And when given a choice of the two when following someone, I always go with the Facebook page.

I think the saddest part is I am losing patience deciphering some people’s tweets.  They’re a mess.  I don’t totally understand the “#” coming before a word and when you should use it. And large corporations thinking that having a Twitter feed is going to get them more business.  Get real.

But it appears it will be around for awhile.  And every now and then I check in just to add something dumb, though in the end, the same post goes on my Facebook page, so why bother?

Got a haircut tonight.  Peace.


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