Visit from My Relatives

Last night I received a call from my Uncle Hank and Aunt Marianne, who told me they were going to be coming to Atlanta so that Hank could see his old doctor from up north.  It had been a LONG time since I saw the two of them together.  I couldn’t remember when I last saw Hank, but it was probably 3 years ago at my parents house when I was down in Florida for a conference.  And I honestly don’t remember if they had met any of our kids, but they said they had seen Max and Mitchell.  They had to have been under 5. 

They came by around 7pm tonight and on this gorgeous night we sat outside and talked.  As I came to find out, Hank had a brain tumor found 10 years ago and though it was benign, it was inoperable.  After a series of radiation treatments, it’s all gone.  Good to hear.  His old doctor from Philly relocated here 3 years ago to Emory University Hospital and Hank doesn’t like his replacement.  So he was able to get in and see this guy on his way down to Florida.

We talked for about 90 minutes, covering off on career, kids, grandkids (not us), music, and travels.  The two of them have travelled quite a bit in retirement and appear to be enjoying themselves quite a bit.  And come to find out Doug is going down to see them this week in Orlando.  Next I will have to find some way of visiting my cousins. 

Before they left, Mitchell, Roman, & Grace played a little something on the piano for them and they loved it.  It was really good to see them and I hope to see them again sometime.


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