Finally Finished

I probably started reading “The Lost City of Z” back in January and after renewing it at least twice from the library, it was two days overdue today and I was determined to return it.  The book is only 277 pages and I still had 90 pages to read.  But I took the early afternoon to do so, nevermind that I kind of skimmed some of the pages.  Finished.

I don’t get it; I love books.  I have a large book collection.  But maybe I like the IDEA of reading books more so than reading them.  Whenever I have free time, it seems to come down to 3 things:

1)  Using the computer
2)  Watching TV
3)   Reading

And it’s in that order.  Don’t get me started on magazines; I feel like I can’t throw them away because someday I will go back and read them.  I have Atlantic Monthly magazines from over a year ago.  But magazine reading usually happens on an airplane or on the toilet.  First, I never fly anymore and I don’t spend enough time on the toilet to read the long articles in Atlantic Monthly.

As for books, I generally read when I get in bed.  But if I go to bed at midnight, it doesn’t leave me much time and even if I decide I want to read for 30 minutes, I usually fall asleep within 15 minutes.  So that explains why it takes me 2 months to read a book.

I currently have two books I started last YEAR that I don’t know if I can realistically resume.  The first is a biography on Herbert Hoover that’s not very long.  I should be able to pick that up and continue from where I left off because the previous chapters won’t really factor into it much.  However, the second book is a very long novel called “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” by Michael Chabon.  I believe this book came highly recommended from Michael J. Fox.  This is going to be very difficult to resume because there are a ton of characters and honestly, I don’t think I recall what is happening in the book.

Someday I will stop getting books from the library and read the plethora of books I have on my bookshelf.  But for now, time to go read another library book (the LAST Dick Francis) and maybe pepper it with another Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.


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