The Joke that Never Gets Old

Though I needed to do some work for my employer tonight, I took a moment to play a dice game called “Easy Come, Easy Go” with Grace and Mitchell.  I won’t get into how the game is played, but Mitchell tricked us at the end so that he would win the game.  But then just as I am about to ask, “Shall we play again?”, Grace starts re-arranging the dice so that it looks like he did not win and that the game wasn’t over.  Ahhhhh, kids.  They simply LOVE doing that when a game is over, and I can’t stand it.  It doesn’t matter what game it is. 

(playing Connect 4)
Me:  “That makes  4.  I win.”
Child: “Wait!” (sticks finger on checker and raises it up so that I no longer have four in a row)  “I don’t see it (chuckles).”

Roman is probably the most guilty of all the kids, and maybe it’s because he is one of the younger kids.  I try not to get mad.  I simply pretend it’s not happening and I pick up the game or get ready for another round.  But in all honesty, it beats the alternative: the child throws a tantrum and storms out of the room.  That used to happen at times with Max and Mitchell when they were younger.  In that case, it’s best to heed Han Solo’s advice: “Let the wookie (in this case, child) win.”


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