Whole in the Walley Wall

We concluded our training today in Alpharetta at noon, which meant we were on our own for lunch.  As I came out the bathroom, Matt and James were waiting on me and I was told our team from Houston had already left and wanted us to meet them at “The Spot.”  Even though all of us are from the the north Atlanta suburbs, none of us had ever heard of it.  Even better, none of us ever heard of the street “DeVore.”  So here we are being told how to get to some place by people who don’t even live in the area.

Apparently, James didn’t play close attention to the directions and figured he could plug it into his GPS.  But James could not find it on his GPS, so I decided to try mine. My phone was almost dead and the GPS on it never operates when I most need it.  Today was no different.  We were driving in the wrong direction, pretty much giving up and planning on Fuddrucker’s, when I finally got it to work.  We were only 10 minutes away so we decided to go.

“The Spot” had a big sign on the front window stating “Voted #1 Burger in town”, or something to that effect.  Of course, it was a tiny little place, that looked like it used to be a donut shop.  There were several gourmet burgers on the menu, but Matt and I went with the traditional burger, which is 1/3.  James went with the chicken tenderloin, which turned out to be chicken fingers to his dismay.  I must say the burger was good, but so is one from Fuddrucker’s (of “Fudd”, as they called it when I worked in Schaumburg).  I tasted no difference really. 

I think part of the mystique of those places is that they are usually in some crappy location in a crappy building and the hours are strange.  I just looked it up and they are open from 8am to 3pm.  It reminds me of the time another coworker was talking about her favorite burger in Atlanta.  I can’t remember the name as I will most likely never go there because she said you have to order the burger after 10pm.  Uhhhh, OK.  I can’t recall the last time I ate a hamburger after 10pm, but if I did, it had to have been in college.  And when a place claims to have the best burger in town, are they talking Alpharetta?  That I can believe, but all of Atlanta?  Nah.

Will I go back?  If I am in the area…..sure.  But I think I might mix it up a little and go to Fuddrucker’s next time.


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