They’re Back

My jaw dropped today when I noticed I received an e-mail from Bitdefender technical support. I originally had Bitdefender Internet Security on my computer (I now have Norton) and it worked horribly.  But even worse was their technical support.  It was over two months ago I wrote them and I received an e-mail today apologizing for how long it took to get back to me, but there was nothing in the e-mail….no solution.  Just “we hope you figured it out.”   Unbelievable.  But what was even more unbelievable is what I wrote to them.  I am too embarassed to repeat it here.  Let’s just say I was really mad.  You see, that was not my only e-mail to them.  They kept reply with a standard, idiotic e-mail and I was on a chat session more than once.  I was pretty sure I marked their e-mails as spam, but it still comes up in my Inbox.

But that saga is all over.  I got my money back from Amazon and I have been pleased with Norton.  A happy ending.


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