Saturday at the Conference

Today Julie and I went to a homeschooling conference up at St. Andrew’s church.  Julie went up there when it started and I showed up during the second group of speakers.  I was impressed with how many people came, but I wasn’t impressed with the speaking arrangements.  There was a room full of vendors selling books, a necessary evil for conferences.  But at one end of the room was a partition and on the other side folding chairs.  When we were trying to listen to the speaker, there was still a ton of noise behind us.  And the microphone sounded muffled.  We also were unable to secure a handout, as they ran out, though the seating area wasn’t even half full. 

We took a long lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant and on the way back stopped to get my car wash.  It was covered in all of the pollen floating around Georgia.  But no joke….when I left 2 hours later, it was covered in it again, though not quite as bad obviously.  Oh well.

I was intrigued by the speaker who talked when we came back from lunch.  His name is Joseph Pearce, and the bio said he was a former skinhead who published two “hate” publications.  What got him to change his ways, I don’t know, but he is now Catholic and teaches at Ave Maria University.  He spoke about many authors and how they converted to Catholicism.  I would be able to say more on it if only the audio had been better.  Maybe I will pick up a book from him.

After listening to a man talk about how he continued to teach his homeschooled children after his wife died last year (which is amazing, but most likely would NOT happen if something happened to Julie), I left Julie to listen to the last speaker on her own.  I returned home to kids playing video games and lunch still left all over the place.  They had pancakes.  I promptly booted them out in the 70 degree weather…..and sat down at the computer before returning two unwatched movies to the library.

In other news, Max got behind the wheel of a car for the first time in a long time tonight as we made a quick run to Kroger.  He still has work to do.


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