Bossing It Up

This morning I stayed away from work a bit longer by participating in a community service function we originally had scheduled to coincide with our field day at work.  We all met at the warehouse for Books for Africa and learned about what they do, which is take donated books (mostly school textbooks) and send them to Africa.  Not to fill their landfills, of course, but to be used by the children or anyone desiring an education.  We went through pallets containing boxes of donated books and sorted them by grade level, as well as watching out for books that were “too worn” or had “profanity-laced insides”.  I found one science book where it appeared half the pages were torn out.  Imagine if some poor kid got that.  Several people were also helping to box the books that had already been sorted so they could be shipped.  A truck was there that morning to pick up books that were going to Ghana.  Sweet, sweet Ghana.

Matt, Michael, and I had a good time looking through some of the books to see what students had written.  One particular book that came out of the Detroit Public School system said, “Boss it up and take his money.”  So then we had a good time telling people to “boss it up and (fill in the blank)”.  They had no idea what we were talking about and went right back to work.

After 2.5 hours, it was time to head into the office.  I was constantly busy while there, and once again didn’t get out until after 6pm.  I don’t want to make that a habit.


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