The Search Continues

Today we went looking at homes again, this time a few more than usual…..5 in all, though I don’t count one of them because it was our agent’s listing and  1)it was out of our price range and 2)it wasn’t in our school district.  The first home had a yard that was not a hill going up, or going down, but rather slanted left to right.  The indoors was very nice, but seemed a bit tight.  Apparently the people living there had quite a bit of money, as they put over $180K into upgrades.  And from the pictures in their home, they looked as if they were in their mid-20’s.  Must be nice.

The 2nd home we saw was quite nice in a great neighborhood.  It was a foreclosure, so it probably needed a few repairs.  But it definitely had the room.  The problem?  The yard again.  The backyard was a disaster.  You had to walk up a flight of stairs only to find trees and rubbish.

The 3rd home was a split level contemporary.  It had some charms, but was hard to view with the decor, etc.  And it was in a neighborhood with nothing but contemporaries, which are not are favorites.  But at the right price, this could be in contention.

The last home was in a very nice setting on the corner of cul-de-sac, but it was just too tight inside.  We saw a similar one months ago in Carriage Station in Roswell.  I liked that one more honestly, but I remember it was hard to get in to the basement.  You had to contort your body around the railing on the stairs.

Last night I forgot to blog.  I guess I am losing steam.


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