My Mistake

On Easter, I opened a box of Presidential trivia cards that we bought a while back when we were shopping for Easter stuff for the kids.  The other night I was going through them when I came upon one that said, “Who won the election in 1864?”  I had to think for a minute as to whether Lincoln was still President or if it already moved on to when Grant was elected.  I was pretty sure that was still too early for Grant as Andrew Johnson got at least 3 good years in as Prez after Lincoln’s assassination.  I was astonished when I turned the card over to find this:

A. James Buchanan

Huh?  Buchanan came BEFORE Lincoln and I knew Lincoln was President in 1861, so how could it possibly be Buchanan?  I kept thinking they must mean 1854, but never bothered to check.  Instead, in red pen, I wrote “FALSE” on the card. 

Tonight, I picked up the card to write about it and found two cards sitting there.  I ignored the 2nd card and went straight to the “liar” card, turned it over, and found it said:

A:  Abraham Lincoln was re-elected in 1864.

WHAT?!?  Was I imagining the answer from the other night.  You probably figured it out: two cards were stuck together.  How they never came apart the night I first looked at it I have no idea, but now I have a card marked “FALSE” in red pen.  Who’s wrong now?  I just hope I never pass these cards on to someone who takes my word for it.  I guess I better make it even messier and scribble over it…..and initial it.


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