TV Toss-Up

Tonight I really wanted to watch the NFL draft, even if we don’t have any games played this year…..which I think we will.   But then I saw that the Hawks were playing the Magic in Game 6 and could close out the series, which they did.  In adition, tonight was the final appearance of Steve Carrell on “The Office.”  So I watched up to pick 17, which belonged to the Patriots, only to see them pick some really tall offensive lineman they are describing as raw.  Great.  So then after “The Office” was over, I come back and wait for their 28th pick, only to find them trading it to the Saints for the Saints’ 1st round pick next year (which will be at least in the 20’s) and the Saints’ 2nd round pick this year, which is #56 overall.  That gives them a ton of 2nd round picks again, but their 2nd round picks never really become superstars, though Gronkowski from last year is quite good.  And at least they didn’t get overzealous like the Falcons and trade a bunch of picks for Julio Jones, a WR known for dropping the ball.  But who did they pass on?  Mark Ingram, who is now a Saint!  Mark Ingram, next to Newton, is arguably the 2nd biggest name in the draft.  He won the Heisman trophy.  Surely he will be a stud, right? 

Like many say, it’s hard to doubt the Patriots with their success.  But you just never know what could happen if they use these high picks to get a real gamebreaker instead of just solid players.  Oh well.

It looks like I might be driving downtown to work tomorrow.  Nutty.


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