The Trusted Mechanic

It’s not often I meet a service person that I want to go back to again and again.  And it’s really a stretch that this person is going to be in the auto service industry.  But I do know know such a person, and I went to see him this week.  When Julie and I (and Grace) went out for our Saturday lunch, I brought the Razor scooter tire that has needed repair for the last week.  Neither Julie nor I could remove the tire from the rim. I told her I had no problem bringing it to Neil at Midas.  Luckily, Neil was there, but when I showed it to him, they said they couldn’t do anything for a tire like that.  But then he looks and it and says, “You know, all you need to do is remove these screws here and the rim splits in two parts.”  Duh.  And then he takes it from me, brings it to his guys in the back, and they go to wok on it.  Five minutes later he is back with the tire.  When I ask him what I owe, he says just to bring the car back for business.  No problem.


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