Ted Turner’s Restaurant

Ever been to Ted’s Montana Grill?  Well, I have.  And until Saturday I never made the connection it was connected to Ted Turner.  Every Saturday, Julie and I make it a habit to go to a new restaurant together for lunch.  I told her about my idea of going to Ted’s and she starts up about how she was just reading Atlanta magazine at the optometrist’s office and that it was owned by Ted Turner.  She’s not much of a fan of Ted, and even quoted him as saying that “he wished he never had five children.”  I don’t know if this quote is true or not, but I must say, if I was child #5 (or maybe even #3 or #4 according to today’s standards), I would not be too happy my dad just sad that.  Pretty low.  I have mixed feelings about the guy.  I think he has set some good standards for people to contribute to charity, but I don’t always agree with to whom he is making contributions.  I should probably read the article, though, before I case judgment.

Julie agreed to try it just once.  We decided to bring a kid each time we go out, and this time we brought Grace, who is always eager to go, unlike her siblings.  Now, we had just dropped over $60 at a Chinese restaurant called Chin Chin the night before.  Chin Chin, which looks like a dive on the outside, turned out to be a quite pricey restaurant on the inside with smaller than usual portions for a Chinese restaurant.  And the service was a bit slow.  Back to Ted’s……as we pulled into the location, we noticed very few cars in front of the restaurant so I figured it was one of those “dinner only” places.  Turns out it was open, just had very few people there.  The reason?  It’s expensive.  The cheapest burger was $10 and to make it a buffalo burger (which I should have done) was an extra $3.  I told Grace she was ordering off the children’s menu, like it or not.  She had no problem with that.  Julie ordered a salad.

The food turned out to be darn good.  I especially liked the bun my Nevada burger was served on.  We even added some extra homemade chips and dip for $4, as if the bill wasn’t enough.  All in all, it’s a good restaurant for special occasions, but there is no lunch menu, so it doesn’t pay to go early.  Julie said when Ted Turner is in town he usually dines at his restaurant, but then, money is no object to that guy.

The odd thing is today I discovered that there is another restaurant called Montana’s Bar & Grill that is closer to us.  I don’t know how they get away with that name, or who came first, but it has had me confused for some time.  Could it be my next destination?


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