The Week That Flew By

I have heard it from at least three people today, but this week was a short one.  Or at least felt that way.  For me, it makes sense.  I missed Monday being out sick.  It’s the first sick day in a very long time.  I would even venture my last sick day taken at work probably wasn’t really a “sick day.”  But we had a weird policy at my last job for a very long time, in which sick days and vacation were the same.  Get sick, take a vacation day.  So anytime someone was sick, he would say he was “working from home.”  Sure. 

Speaking of getting sick, my brother-in-law was to pay a visit today on a business trip but had to cancel.  He came down with a double ear infection and was told not to fly.  So he is going to be coming another time.

After his visit, Julie has not one but TWO sisters coming to visit.  I have to psych myself up for that.  Could be painful. 🙂


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