So I had a two day drought without a post and I am tempted to make it 3.  I have been staying up until past one for the last two nights and I am in danger of making it 3 nights.   The first time it was due to watching the Grizzlies and Thunder play an NBA game.  I hadn’t planned to watch it, but when the game went into overtime around 12:15am, I couldn’t resist.  But then came double OT and I turned it off.  20 minutes later I came back downstairs to see what was going on and it went into TRIPLE OT.  No way.  I went to bed knowing that the team I was kind of cheering for, Memphis, was not going to win.  I was right.  Well, better than to stay up and have them lose.  But boy, wouldn’t the Memphis fans have remembered that game for years?  They probably still will , but it just won’t be as special.

Last night I was up fooling with something for work. Nothing works very well on my computer and its very frustrating.  I was up until 1am and never did get it to work correctly.

Another reason I didn’t want to write was because I knew what I wanted to say would gross everyone out. I woke up Tuesday morning to my son complaining the toilet overflowed after someone clogged it the night before.  I tried to plunge it and almost threw up twice.  What can I say?  I have a weak stomach in the morning.  On top of this, the cat had threw up a hairball in the hallway.  But that’s nothing compared to a more serious issue with the cat….he has fleas.  Multiple times I tried to get him to NOT sleep on the ironing board.  Sure enough, he left a flea there for me.  I was also attacked by a fly in the shower that got caught in the water stream and ended up floating by my feet for the rest of the shower.  I told you….nasty.


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