Catching Up

So this is certainly the longest drought I had between posts.  I should have written yesterday.  No real reason to have missed out.  I feel like I spent most of Saturday making a list of things to do after losing last weekend’s list, which was about half finished.  Not much accomplished during the week other than a bunch of work for my employer.  I was worn out almost every night.

Earlier in the week (Tuesday to be exact), I weighed in for our Weight Loss Challenge at work.  This was after going to someone’s birthday lunch at The Vortex and eating a huge bleu cheese burger with tater tots.  Yummy.  However, I had not really done much in the way of exercise…..until today.

Julie and I went running today, but i think we pushed it a bit too far.  We ran in our neighborhood and through another neighborhood until we got to the main road.  I felt pretty good and only stopped because Julie did.   We probably went a mile.  But once we got out on the main road, I felt very hot (well, it was almost 90 degrees) and my feet were burning.  But as we continued to walk, I realized we had at least 2 more miles with little shade.  My face was bright red (so I was told) and my legs were feeling like jelly.  We pressed on, but when we were about half mile from the house, there was a patch of shade and we stopped to rest a moment.  It really helped.  When we got home, I went right to the fridge for some water.  I then popped down in a chair and watched some football follies on NFL Network.  There was a hilarious bit involving Jeff Fisher telling the story of the Three Bears to the Titans, but I couldn’t find it on YouTube.   It wasn’t really Fisher speaking but someone putting the voices into the video.  Very funny.


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