I Love Trucks

At church today I parked in a spot that was pretty tight only because the guy to the driver’s side of my car (who had to back in to the spot) was very close to the line.  So, I parked and was pretty close to the line to the other side of our car but was not over the line.  At that point, I figured someone might park there, but it would have to be a compact car.  When i came out of church, I was shocked to find one of those huge Titan trucks parked in the spot, between our van and another van.  Unbelievable.  Julie couldn’t even get in without me backing out, which means I wonder how the heck the driver got out. 

I don’t think Julie pays too close of attention to the car to see if there are any marks from other cars.  About a week ago we were backing out of the driveway and I noticed a big black streak across the side of our van along with a dent.  Julie had no idea how it got there.  Granted, it was on the passenger side and the kids never say anything about stuff like that, except for maybe Mitchell.  I bet it was a truck.  And it was probably the same one from today.


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