No to Cho

I’ll be clear on this: I can’t stand Margaret Cho.  I think she’s an awful comedienne.  Granted, I haven’t seen her do any stand-up or anything for that matter in quite awhile, but I don’t see that anything would have changed.  Her schtick is to be shocking, and to me, that doesn’t make a person genuinely funny.  And when she isn’t acting vile, she puts out this crap.  I watched an episode once that was a parody of “Pulp Fiction”.   It has to be seen to be believed. Terrible.

But I received the new Atlanta magazine today and on the front cover it states: “Plus, Why Margaret Cho Finds Us Drop Dead Delightful.”  I searched the entire magazine twice and found no mention of the Notorious Cho.  Nada. Frustrating, but I guess that’s a good thing for all of us.


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