The Thrash in the Trash

I have so much writing to catch up on it’s crazy.  But here’s a quick topic.  Not even two months ago I ordered an Atlanta Thrashers hat and decal.  And earlier in the week it was announced the team has left Atlanta for Winnipeg, marking the 2nd time an NHL team departed for Canada (last time it was the Calgary Flames in the 80’s).  I just don’t see another team ever coming, but if they want one, my idea would be to have them play out in the suburbs for demographic reasons.  I just don’t see city people caring at all about hockey.  I will be keeping my hat and decal, but I noticed the AM/PM has already replaced all the Thrashers 32oz cups they had and replaced them with regular 32oz AM/PM cups.  Perhaps that was going to happen anyway with the NHL season almost over, but I am sure the move made it happen sooner.


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