Wasted Groupon

I should have figured it would happen some time or another, but I thought it would be from using one of the other “Groupon-like” sites: Crowd Cut, Famgrab, etc.   Rather, I bought a Groupon months ago to use at an automotive site for $20 and today was the last day I could use it.  I always planned to use it when I was working in our Alpharetta office, which is where it was located.  I made an appointment last Thursday, but I made it at the wrong place (same name, different location).  Then I had to leave early Friday anyway.  Saturday didn’t happen because we were looking at homes.  Sunday closed.  Monday work.  You get the picture.  Moral of the story….don’t wait until the last minute to use your Groupons.

This has kind of soured me buying anymore Groupons for a little while.


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