Father’s Day Bonanza

So it’s Father’s Day again and I had several things I wanted to do today, and one was catch-up on blogging what I have been up to lately.  But it’s now 7pm, we haven’t eaten dinner, and there are other things I wanted to do as well.  So here is what I have done so far:
1) Go to church after breakfast of French toast in bed.
2) Have lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.  While I tried to find another place to go for wings, the place I found (Wingstop, with an add that includes Troy Aikman), turned out to be mainly a “to-go” place.  Huh?  But we had a good time anyway.
3) Opened presents.  I got a shirt, socks, Back to the Future trilogy (which I picked out with Max and Mitchell and had them get me it), Yes tickets, a barb-b-q book, and a board game.
4) Played a bunch of board/card games starting with Wits and Wagers, which I got as a present.  Fun game.  We then moved on to Ziggity, Fluxx, and Pit (all card games).  I would play more but running out of time for today.  Of course, no one was excited about this as I was.  Julie kept getting up between games (as usual) and usually everyone would disperse after each game, thinking it was time to play video games.
5)  Ate our Klondike bars (mint chip).  They bugged me constantly during the games to eat them, and I finally had to set a time.
6)  Called about Grace’s swimsuit.  Swimoutlet.com is graciously accepting that we returned it in good condition (which we did – unused) and sending out the replacement.  But really, we mailed it on the 9th and 10 days later it has not been accepted though it arrived on the 13th?   Come on.
7)  Messed around fixing files on iTunes.  Always a joy.

I would probably watch TV if it weren’t for the fact that Roman is playing video games on one TV and Julie, of ALL movies, is actually watching “Transformers”!   Why?

What I still need to do:
It would be nice to get some reading time in today.
Watch a movie, but probably going to watch “24” instead.  4 more episodes to go.
Exercise?  Sounds yummy.
Call my dad!  We talked yesterday briefly, and I know he’s out of town.  Should be a short call.

Happy Father’s Day to any father that happens to read this!


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