Still Searching

I can’t tell if our realtor is wanting to free herself from us or if she was really convinced that a home we looked at on Wednesday night was the idea home for us.  I am sure Julie expressed interest in it after seeing it earlier in the day, but simply wanting me to take a look too doesn’t mean it’s “the one.”  I think rather it’s one that it’s in the running that’s not a waste of time, like the other one we saw in Chimney Springs where the buyer advertised the home as a 4-bedroom home when it only had 3 bedrooms.  Jerks.

First off, it was not in an ideal location.  The road it’s on is not particularly busy, but it is a bit of cross street for many people who are trying to get to several locations around town.  Hard to explain, but even so, it’s on part of the road that has poor visibility when backing out of the driveway.

Secondly, it has the diagonal siding in the front that Julie doesn’t like.  This isn’t a deal breaker, but it doesn’t help it’s cause.  The main attraction of this house is that the inside has been updated and staged to sell.  And although Julie told me it had big bedrooms, I found it to be the contrary.  All the bedrooms (other than the master) were no bigger than 11X12.  It also had another room, much like the house we are in, as an extra family room.  But this room had a door to it, much like walking into a bedroom, and few windows from what I can recall.  While the backyard wasn’t as bad as advertised, it’s still a far cry from what we have now and not fenced.  The plan was a side split-level, which we haven’t seen many of, and it reminded me a bit of our home in Olathe with the family room sunken down off the kitchen.

After seeing it that night, the realtor keep saying we need to make an offer on this fast if we want it.  Even today she e-mailed twice to tell me that the another buyer is going back for a third time and we better act fast.  But the truth is, if another buyer takes it, it’s not a big deal.  And that tells me it’s not yet what we want.  Let the search continue!

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