Swim Season Over

First of all….what happened? I started the year out by blogging almost every day. And now it’s been nearly two weeks? Sad.

I had to review what I wrote and was shocked that I never talked about the kids doing swim team this year. It was part of our community pool here, and it lasted through all of June. There were 5 meets in all, 3 at home and 2 at other community pools.

Going in, we had no idea what kind of commitment it would be, both financially and timewise. We didn’t even buy the standard swimsuit, and it was still over $200 to sign them all up. Practice was every morning and the meets went from 6pm to nearly 10pm, with 86 races and multiple heats in each race. Julie had to bring the kids over at 4:45pm the day of the meet, so they were there longer than I was.

For as much work involved and the length of the meets (one being on Grace’s birthday), the kids hardly made a peep and seemed to enjoy themselves. It helped that after every meet the kids met at Rita’s for ice cream and once they (Max and Mitchell only) went bowling starting at 10:30pm and came back at 1am. Wasn’t particularly happy about the last part. And Julie and I never really fancied Rita’s, even walking over to McDonald’s on the last day.

Last night was a pool party to celebrate the end of the season. They also had an award ceremony in which all the kids were given a trophy and some won multiple awards. Max and Mitchell won medals for “most dedicated”, which got the eyebrow from Julie and I. But in all honesty, they did their best and were obviously working very hard. We never got to hear how much their times improved from meet one to meet five. That would have been interesting.

Roman won a certificate for “Best Multitasker”. He didn’t do as well with swimming, though he tried hard. But apparently during one practice he cut his lower leg and was swimming in the water with one leg above the water. When they had him do backstroke, he did the same thing. The coaches didn’t forget it.

Well, our Thursday nights are now open for other things, but in a way I will miss the swim meets….until next year?


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