A website totally new to me (and I believe in its infancy stage) was brought to my attention a little over a week ago. That site is turntable.fm, and it’s a dream come true for me. It’s very addictive. It harkens back to the days of days of old chat rooms, but adds a musical element. In each room, there are 5 DJ tables set up for a user to play whatever songs he/she wants. You can add them from their library (and there’s quite a few songs already available) or even upload a song. How sweet is that? All users in the room, including those not at a table, can vote either “Awesome” or “Lame” and all “Awesome” votes gives the user points.

The points don’t really amount to much, other than you can change your avatar. I am already over 100, and that means I can change my avatar. Big whoop. But I think it also gives you some respect.

I noticed there are a lot of hip hop and other “crap” rooms, which is a shame. Oh well. I can’t really have any impact on changing so many minds. šŸ™‚

Weird, I just left the DJ table a little while ago and I notice now there appear to be a ton of people in the room. My luck.

The last great thing about it is it will scrobble to last.fm (you have to use Google Chrome). In fact, it was my cronies from last.fm that told me all about this. I am trying to get other friends involved, but they won’t join because it connects to your Facebook account. I really don’t see the big deal, but I am not going to fight it. But it’s amazing to me how many friends people have on here, yet I can’t get a single one of mine to get on the dang thing.

I wonder how long this will last. For now, I have to find a way to use it and be productive at the same time. So far, that’s not working out.



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