Church Disruption

It’s been two weeks now since my last post. It seems the lag is getting longer and longer. I must have thought about it 6-7 times over the last week, but just hadn’t been in the mood. I might touch briefly on that later. And though I planned to come back with a vengeance today, it’s almost 9pm.

I’ll start out with something that happened today that I don’t recall ever happening. In the middle of our church service, or Catholic mass, the priest was sitting and staring out into space when he should have been speaking, or at least got out of his seat. He had just finished his sermon, and it was a long one, which is per usual with him. Two people came over and were kneeling down in front of him, talking to him. One of them went to get a drink of water. Soon there were about 5 parishioners in all surrounding him, and they started to remove all his vestments until he was stripped down into only a short-sleeved dress shirt. I never realized how much clothing they had on. Did he overheat? He was able to be escorted out and we all waited for his replacement. Fortunately, there are 4 priests at that church, which is a bit unusual. The priest that filled in made a crack at the end of mass about how he and the priest that got sick were having a conversation the other night about how he wanted to be a relief pitcher, but this wasn’t what he meant. Not bad.

We found out that the priest was taken to the hospital for testing, but never found out exactly what went wrong. The odd thing is that of the four priests, he is by far the youngest. My guess is he is only in his 30’s. With the age of some priests I have seen, I always expected something like this might happen and wondered what they would do. Just never figured it would happen today. And I have seen people pass out in church or get hurt tripping over something. In fact, that happened at Easter. Heck, my grandmother passed out at least twice in our church in North Carolina.

I hope he is doing OK and will pray for him.


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