Verizon Volunteers

I was thinking I had wrote about this before, but apparently not. As part of being in the high school band, students and parents are required to participate in fund raisers that also allow the volunteers to earn money in their kid’s account which reduces the cost of fees. I have already written a check to the band for $800 and show we still have a balance of $629. Yikes. So far, no money has been added for the volunteer activities. They offer several different options for volunteering, which usually involves working concessions at different local events. So far, we have done 3 events, all at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. I have done two of them and Julie did one, while Max and Mitchell did all 3.

The first one was about 3 weeks ago and it was an Animal Collective concert. This one was mine and it was a good one to start and help me get trained. We were not very busy at all, as I believe they only sold 2,000 tickets. There was mostly beer sold. In fact, I didn’t sell one single soda that night. As for Max and Mitchell, I really don’t think they did ANYTHING. I found most of the kids watching the concert the last half hour we were there. Several people got to close their lines and go home about two hours early. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. It’s a fairly long day, as we met at 5pm to carpool over to the amphitheater (about 20-25 minutes away), and not leave until about 11pm.

A week later Julie did her first show, some country artist whose name escapes me. It sounds busier than when I did it, but manageable. For some reason, they had to meet an hour earlier.

Two weeks later (or last night), I did it again with the boys. Totally different story. It was the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra with Cirque Du Soleil also doing something. I never got to see any of it as I was busy the WHOLE time. And it was VERY busy. I never expected that to be the case, but apparently they gave out these meal tickets in which people could get a free entree and drink. I ended up with a lot of those tickets, but also sold just about everything on the menu. There were about 10 lines open and we were all shouting out what we needed as the runners and food preparation people tried to keep up. It was chaos for quite awhile and I kept worrying that I would have people stand by my window waiting for nothing.

Though I didn’t sell much beer that night, we are supposed to card EVERYONE, no matter if the person is 80-years old. I even had to card someone that bought an O’Douls. Well, last night I forgot to card one person, but I am confident she was old enough as she had her two kids with her – kids that were about 10-years old. Julie told me that she forgot to card a couple people at her show.

The chaos continued for a good hour and then we had a small lull and it started back up again. During that lull, I was asked if I wanted to help out with the Phil Lesh and Friends show the next night (tonight). I politely declined as I wasn’t about to volunteer Julie, I have a regular full-time job, and I know Max and Mitchell weren’t going to do it. Plus, did I want them smelling all that marijuana smoke? There’s going to be a lot of hungry people there. They also need people for a Dolly Parton concert Wednesday night, but that doesn’t seem like good planning as it’s the same week as their Band Camp. Therefore, it will be ALL adult volunteers. Crazy.

Julie will be doing the Goo Goo Dolls concert next weekend. Not sure how much draw they still have, but I predict the beer drinkers will be out again.

Oh, and though we get free drinks as we work (no alcohol), they took away our courtesy cups and replaced them with annoying snow cone cups that leak! You have to double them up. Sounds like someone is really trying to DISCOURAGE drinking.


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