“Legend” Revisited

For some time now I have been wanting to watch the movie “Legend” with Tom Cruise with the whole family. I have seen it before, maybe even twice, but I was surprised to find that Julie had not seen it, since she was into fantasy novels/movies when she was younger. I, on the other hand, have not been much of a fan of the fantasy genre. I am one of those people who did not like “The Lord of the Rings” movies. But, for some reason, I liked “Legend”. Or at least I thought I did.

A couple months back I read that they released a new director’s cut of the movie on Blu-ray, so that is what I had to get, and luckily I remembered to put it in the Netflix queue. It arrived Friday, and though Julie and I had something to go that night and did not get back until close to 10pm, I was intent on watching it. I gathered all that were awake (no Roman or Grace) and popped it in. Having a vivid memory of the “bad guy”, I figured it would be too scary for Roman and Grace anyway.

The beginning starts innocent enough. In fact, it felt like watching a live version of Snow White (NOTE: There will actually be TWO live version Snow White movies next year). The music seemed very different and I didn’t remember any scenes with people other than Tom Cruise and Mia Sara, and a bunch of elfs, trolls, etc. I kept saying to Julie, “This is part of the 20 minutes of extra footage.” Max, to no surprise, bailed out early. If there is a computer or a video game system available, he rather do that, which is sad. Mitchell stuck around longer, but it was taking awhile to get going. He left just before things became “dark.”

The movie really is nothing but a fairy tale, but boy does Tim Curry look scary in that devil makeup with giant horns. But you don’t see him in the director’s cut until only about a third of the movie is left. During this last third, I looked over at Julie and her eyes were shut. No! I didn’t rent this for just me! I woke her up and she claimed not to be sleeping. The next morning she told me she didn’t know what happened at the end. Arrrgggh.

I can’t say I liked the movie more after seeing it again, and I am still surprised it’s a Ridley Scott picture, but it wasn’t too bad. It’s certainly not your typical Tom Cruise movie. And there’s lots of cool imagery. However, I kept talking up the Jon Anderson song at the end of the movie over a montage of uniforms frolicking, and it wasn’t there! Gone from the director’s cut. In fact, I think the whole ending was changed. No unicorns frolicking, but rather Tom Cruise and Mia Sara talking, and then he runs off. Over the end credits played regular movie music, not the Bryan Ferry song “Is Your Love Strong Enough?”. So was I imagining it all? Well, luckily they had the original theatrical version on the disc as well, and they changed the score big time (formerly Tangerine Dream). Something tells me I would have preferred to watch the original version, but oh well. Maybe I’ll give it a try in another 25 years.


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