Won and Lost

It’s not often I win anything. In fact, it’s very rare. But a few weeks back I was out to dinner with a friend at the airport (he was between flights) and on my way out I purchased some scratch off tickets from a vending machine. This is something else that’s very rare. In fact, not sure if I have EVER done it. And the fact I had to wait for someone else in front of me was even more surprising.

I didn’t scratch any off until I got home, so it was a good 35 minute wait. Of the 4 tickets, I had a winner. That is, I won another free ticket. The next day I was at a convenience store and decided to cash it in. I handed it to the cashier and he said they were out of that particular scratch off game. I wish I had taken a picture of all the scratch off cards they offer. There had to be at least 20. Sure enough, there was a blank spot in, surely for the game I had. Considering all the games are pretty much the same, I just have one question….WHY??

Since that day, I have been unable to find the ticket. Defeated.


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