Six Flags, Take Two

Tonight I took a survey for Six Flags after finding an e-mail from the Six Flags Advisory Board in my spam mail. I did sign up to do surveys, so this was not spam. After doing the survey, it put Six Flags on the brain, so let’s talk about my visit.

A couple weeks back I took Max, Mitchell, and Roman to the park using a free pass that Julie and Roman got from being in a reading program. Grace got one too, but we couldn’t use it because she didn’t want to go and Max and Mitchell were too old for that pass. Given that the lady barely looked at the passes going in and was confused, I should have used it. Still, I was able to buy two passes for them at child price.

It was a scorching hot day – at least 95 for most of the day. It didn’t take us long to invest in a $13.99 refillable cup that we filled at least 9 times. We started the day on the Goliath roller coaster, which no one got to ride the last time we were there. It didn’t have any loops, but now I am starting to realize the up and down motion is what makes my stomach a wee bit queasy. This roller coaster had PLENTY of that, and was extremely high off the ground. Long, smooth ride and worth it, but next time I do something about my glasses. I kept placing my finger to the bridge every time we went down, and my other hand was clutching my hat. Why can’t I remember to buy one of those bands to hold my frames on?

Can’t recall what came next, but riding Thunder River sure was memorable. In all my days of riding water rides, many of which are similar to Thunder River with the round boat floating down the rough river and being squirted by sadists with water guns, I never got as wet as I did this day. And it happened twice. But given the outside temperature, I was OK with it. I was drenched from head to toe. It was as if someone dumped a wading pool on my head. I thought the ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure got me the worst. This trumped it.

The only down moment of the day was around 5pm when Max realized he didn’t have his wallet and had no idea when he last saw it. We jumped in line for Monster Mansion while he went to the front to look for it. He carries a Hello Kitty wallet (no joke). I told him to enjoy describing it to security, but at the very least, you will have no problem doing that and perhaps if someone found it they will be sympathetic to the little girl that lost it. Sure enough, they had it at the front entrance and he was still able to climb in line with us before getting on the ride.

The hit ride of the day was definitely the bumper cars. We probably would have ridden them 4 times had it not broken down one time we were in line. Sparks and smoke were coming from one of the cars and everyone had to evacuate.

As for the newest attraction at the park, Max and Roman braved it at the end of the day while Mitchell and I took a break. Considering it would end the day, I probably should have just got on it, but I didn’t want to drive home sick. The ride is called Daredevil Dive and is a roller coaster that drops at a 95 degree angle. You read that right. Now I rode Busch Gardens’ Sheikra more than once, and that drops at 90 degrees. But this one had a hill you had to ascend at 90 degrees, and that part didn’t sound good to me.

We ended up getting out of there after 8pm. Considering we got there at opening time (10:30am), that made for a long day. But it was fun and I like to get as much value as I can. Love my amusement parks.


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