Ranking all 32 NFL Teams in Order of Appeal

I should do this every year and see how it changes. Take for instance the Packers – as soon as Brett Favre was set free, I liked them A LOT more. But now that they have won their Super Bowl earlier this year, their stock dropped a bit. So you are going to see several teams on my list pretty high simply because I would like to see them finally get to a Super Bowl.

Anyway, here is it. The middle of the list is a bit jumbled and I didn’t want to think too hard about it. I have put some notes where felt like putting notes.

1. New England Patriots – This isn’t likely to change anytime soon, but it’s possible the #2 team could pass them in time.
2. Atlanta Falcons – My new hometown team, though admittedly, they were probably never lower than #10 in my lifetime.
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Barely edging out #4, which they probably shouldn’t given they are in the same division as #2.
4. Kansas City Chiefs – I lived longer in the Kansas City area than anywhere else and they now have a few former Patriots (Cassel, Pioli, and Crennel) as players, coaches, etc. Right now they are not doing so well, but I predict they turn it around and win the AFC West very soon.
5. Arizona Cardinals – Why couldn’t they have beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl a few years back? That Holmes catch was incredible, but very aggravating. I want them to get another chance, but they might be going back to their old ways.
6. Detroit Lions – Anytime now guys.
7. Jacksonville Jaguars – I love the Jags uniforms. Unfortunately, whenever they have gone to the playoffs, they seem to always play the Patriots. Plus, they are probably the least popular team in the NFL because of where they are so they need some love. Also, Jack Del Rio is the best-looking coach in the NFL, but don’t take this the wrong way.
8. Seattle Seahawks – This one’s for you, Jason.
9. Houston Texans
10. New Orleans Saints – dropping after SB win
11. San Diego Chargers – A friend liking them helps them a bit, but I just don’t think they will ever win the SB under Norv Turner.
12. Carolina Panthers – All 4 NFC South teams in the Top 12. Guess that’s my favorite division.
13. St. Louis Rams
14. Cincinnati Bengals
15. Green Bay Packers
16. Washington Redskins
17. Philadelphia Eagles – The place of my birth should be higher! They seem to be up and down on my list but this new “dream team” bit should have them in the bottom 16.
18. San Francisco 49ers – Blah the last few years, but Harbaugh adds an interesting touch.
19. Buffalo Bills – highest rated AFC East competitor only because they are not much of a threat…..at the moment.
20. Tennessee Titans – Used to be pretty high. I honestly couldn’t figure out where to place them. Could easily be around 13.
21. Oakland Raiders – So bad in recent years that it would be interesting to see them become competitive again.
22. Cleveland Browns – I never liked them and would give them a chance if they ever get better uniforms. And I can’t stand the Dawg Pound.
23. Denver Broncos – Another that should be higher. They used to always beat the Patriots so they fell from higher rankings.
24. Pittsburgh Steelers – Ho boy. Sorry Nathan. This used to be my favorite team as a kid. There are so many things that bother me about them that I don’t know where to start. Hines Ward crying. James Harrison whining. Ben Roethlisberger……doing whatever he does. Polamalu is very good, but he’s almost too good. And they won enough. Of course, many would say that about the Patriots too!
25. Chicago Bears
26. Miami Dolphins
27. Baltimore Ravens – Lately became the nemesis of the Patriots and I HATE Terrell Suggs.
28. New York Giants – I haven’t forgotten about them ruining the perfect season. And I am just not a fan of New York teams in general.
29. Minnesota Vikings – They were at the bottom with Favre not long ago.
30. Dallas Cowboys – I was raised to hate them. Not much has changed.
31 . Indianapolis Colts – This I don’t get as I respect Manning. But they WERE the #1 nemesis of the Patriots until the #32 decided they wanted to be.
32. New York Jets – I can’t believe I once owned NYJ pajamas. Rex Ryan has done incredible work with them, but the talk is going too far lately. Just play the game and shut it. I hope Revis island gets bombed this year.


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