The Forgotten Dog

Today I went to not one but TWO networking events. One is part of my program at Lee Hecht Harrison called JSWT, which stands for Job Search Work Team. Later that evening I attended a Career Quest event at our church. I didn’t know what it was going to be like, but I believe I made some pretty good contacts and was able to help others out as well.

When I got home, Julie, Grace, and Roman were gone. Max and Mitchell were at band practice. A note was left saying they went up to the playground at one of the schools. She arrived home shortly afterward, about 8:30. This is important to know, because around 10:30pm I was in the kitchen and realized the dog wasn’t lying on his big pillow. I went into the family room and was shocked to not find him laying in there either. Those are the only two places he goes in our house. Julie wanted it that way, and it’s surprising she even lets him go in the family room.

The next logical place for him to be was out in the backyard, but I figured he would have been barking to get back in by now. He wasn’t there either. So I went to Julie and asked her if she took him to the park as I couldn’t find him. Her eyes got big as she must have immediately realized she left him in the back of the minivan. Of course, on her way out the door she said, “I thought I got him out of the car.” Luckily, it was very cool outside. Poor dog wasn’t even making a sound.

Sweet Biscuit. Fast asleep on his kitchen pillow.


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