My Cure for Insomnia

Actually, I don’t have insomnia. I very rarely have trouble falling asleep at night. Rather, what I want to talk about is how sleepy I get whenever and WHEREVER I read a book. Today I brought a book with me to the dealership as I waited for my car to get serviced for a recall notice. I have a book due back on Saturday and need to finish it. I figured with 90 minutes to kill it would be no problem. Immediately upon reading the book, my eyes felt really tired. I think I even closed them a couple times and finally had to move to a more colorful magazine (my Mental Floss magazine, which I had brought with me).

Tonight around 7pm I tried again and this time the effect was almost immediate. I was sitting on a comfy couch, but something tells me it would have been the same result had I been reading at the kitchen table. This time I nodded off about 4 times before I finally gave up.

Getting old stinks.


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