Summer Cleaning

After waking up at 4:45am so I could bring Max up to the school to board the bus for his cross country meet, I arrived back home and fell asleep again around 6am. Then I didn’t wake up until after 10am. When I came downstairs, Mitchell and Julie had dragged almost everything out of the garage and put it in the driveway. I knew what I would be doing today. Fortunately, most of the boxes contain Julie’s old homeschool materials and she needed to purge. So after doing a little outside work, I came in and decided to go through all the hanging folders in my desk. That proved to be just as challenging and I filled the trash can at least 3 times.

By the time we were both done, it was nearly 6pm. I put everything back in the garage while Julie grocery shopped and finished my last 2 hanging folders (vet and automotive – the largest) while watching the Falcons vs. Steelers preseason game. Tired, but it feels great to be 90% more organized.


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