Parenting 101

My wife is going to shoot me for writing this. This morning I awoke to a lot of pounding and hollering from the downstairs. I put up with it for awhile (I should have been out of bed anyway), but then I had to find out what was going on. Before I asked, I remembered we had to buy not one but two soccer balls yesterday. So I asked, “Are you kicking the soccer ball in the house?” Everything went quiet and no one answered, which translates to “yes”. But, in case I missed that translation, Grace answers, “Yeah.” After I instructed them not to do so and to take it outside, I asked if mom was around. She calls out from a nearby room and tells me something along the lines of “she could hear it but wasn’t paying attention.” That must have been some deep concentration. I bet if some glass had shattered that would have gotten her attention, eh?


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