The Return of Harold

My daughter has been obsessed with a stuffed animal lately. Even though she has received or bought many stuffed animals of her own, it’s not one of her stuffed animals that she is passionate about. It’s one of mine….from when I was young, of course. His name is Harold and he’s a hedgehog. However, Grace puts him inside a white sock and says that he is a sock squirrel. Surprisingly, she did not change his name, and maybe because it says “Harold” on his tag. Not only does she carry him around, she writes stories about him and even had me take a quiz about him. I didn’t do so well. And if I am not mistaken, I believe there was a story WRITTEN by Harold. Today when I took Harold’s picture, I told her it was for his e-mail account. I think she kind of believed me, even though that technically makes no sense.

It pays to take care of your toys from childhood as you never know when your own kids will find them as cool as you once did.


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