Great Game

Wow….what a great game to start the NFL Season – Saints vs. Packers. Saints put themselves in a hole early with a fumble and missed out on a 4th and inches near their goal line. Had it not been for those two plays, the game probably would have turned out differently. But as it was, it came down to one play at the 1-yd line, which again they could not run it in. It was frustrating for them as they could never quite catch up to the Packers. I should have been cheering for the Packers anyway, but there is still an air of Brett Favre lingering. And the Saints are in the NFC South, which is the same division as the Falcons. Guess I am also more of a Brees fan.

My only complaint was the music acts prior to the game. Maroon 5 – OK. Lady Antebellum – confused them with Evanescence, which is bad. And then there is Kid Rock. Terrible. How about some interesting bands? And no, I don’t mean that Jay-Z/Kanye West concoction.


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