Even MORE Summer Journal – Medieval Times

I am going senile because I feel like I may have written about this already, but I don’t think so. It was more like a sentence or two on Facebook. Anyway, towards the beginning of the year Julie and I were at a fundraiser in which priests were putting on a talent show and they had some tables set up for a silent auction. We ended up buying four passes to Medieval Times in Duluth, GA, which is about 45 minutes from here.

It was coming down to the wire and we need to use the passes and when I read them closely it said we could not use on a weekend. So we settled on a Wednesday night. The problem with going on a weekday is Atlanta traffic, and we found out it would be a BIG problem. Even though I left with enough time to get us there with about 30 minutes to spare according to Google Maps, it took us well over an hour to arrive. Driving up Hwy 85 during rush hour is awful. Now I know why people complain. For some reason they told us to arrive early, but I really saw no advantage. We got our tickets and then had to wait the 5 minutes for the start time. Because we were one of the last groups to get there, I guess our seats weren’t as good and towards the end? I don’t know, but this would be a blessing in disguise. There were 6 different sections (defined by color) and we were assigned to the yellow knight, and provided cool, yellow paper crowns.

Once we settled in our seats, a couple people came around selling different paraphanelia to use for cheering purposes. I bought a couple yellow flags for $1/each, which was the cheapest item. At Medieval Times, you are not given utensils, except for a spoon to eat your soup, which starts of the meal. Or am I dreaming? The one item I can remember eating was a GIANT piece of chicken, which was absolutely delicious. But using nothing but my hands was getting kind of nasty, and I think we were short on napkins. That is one comment I will make now…..our “waiter” was not very good, as I think he was preoccupied with some more attractive ladies at the end of our row. And at the end, I ended up giving the jackal a $20 tip because all the other waiters had taken care of their people with credit cards and they were leaving. This guy had YET to stop by and ask me how I was paying. I should have just left him nothing. He was terrible the more I think about it.

So what about the show? Well, the show actually started in the atrium, before we went into the arena. I wasn’t really paying attention to the story, other than waiting for “yellow” to be called out so we could enter the arena. Our group was last, but I think we got some of the better seats in the yellow section. Before the knights came out, there was much more story that I was not following at all. When we finally got to meet the knights, they quickly established one of the knights as a bad guy. Luckily, it was not our knight. We watched as the knights participated in skill events, like putting their lances through a small ring, etc. It was entertaining, and Mitchell was really getting into the cheering, as were the other kids. I couldn’t help thinking our knight looked like a young Rodger Hodgson of Supertramp, which is kind of cool.
After the skill events and jousting, it was time for some fighting. There really wasn’t much rhyme of reason as to who was fighting who, but as it went on, I could foresee our knight was going to be fighting the bad guy in the end, and no way does the bad guy win. I was right. It was a long battle, and somewhere in there the King’s son, or the Prince, got involved in the fighting. But in the end, our knight prevailed and the kids loved that. After it was all over, they wanted to wait for the knights to come out so they could get their picture with him.

All in all, it was a solid, though expensive, knight of fun. And the drive home was easy.


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