Goodbye Borders

Tuesday morning I stopped by Borders and found everything was now 90% off. A sign on the door said they would be closing in 2 days. Definitely time to take advantage of the sale one last time. I ended up buying 10 books, 4 CDs, and several postcards for only $0.07. The postcards are for Julie and the kids, who have been exchanging postcards with children overseas.

Some of the books, like Rick Moody’s Four Fingers of Death, were ones I had on my Amazon Wishlist. Others, like The Secret Life of the Grown-up Brain, were books I checked out of the library once before and never had the opportunity to read.

My favorite find of the day was a CD – Sam Roberts Band’s Collider. I found this disc almost immediately after another shopper made a remark about how nothing was left. As many times as I have been through their CDs, I never thought to look for Sam Roberts Band. Why I never go into music or book stores with something in mind is beyond me. But this disc only cost me $1.50, so why not take a flyer on 3 more by Badly Drawn Boy, Tapes ‘N Tapes, and We Are Scientists?

I spent about an hour in the store and spent $23.54. The bottom of the receipt says I saved $199.81. Not bad. Later in the evening, Julie, Roman, Max, and I all went back and by that time the store had been cleaned out dramatically. I don’t know if the books were sold or just moved to another area of the store, but I am glad I went that morning.

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