Fixed…..At Least for Now

Though it wasn’t planned, Friday night I pulled out my Sony 400-disc CD changer and decided to fix it. When we moved, I never unloaded all the discs, which they recommend you do before transporting. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but apparently I was wrong. The first time I tried it after we moved, i made a high-pitched squeal and I couldn’t get the “front door” to open to get to any of the discs. After some finagling, I got in there but was never able to alleviate the squeal or get the carousel to turn on a reliable basis. It was very choppy when you tried to change the carousel position and would often get stuck.

Truthfully, I hadn’t used this CD player in a long time. It became more of a place to house the CD’s while the cases lie dormant in a box in the attic. My wife absolutely hates the device and has asked me to get rid of it for some time. And though I use my iPod 99% of the time I listen to music (or the computer), I just don’t want to part with it. It could have been worse. I remember thinking about tethering another 400-disc player (or my dad’s old 300….wonder if he still has it?) to it since I have more than 400 CDs but it never happened.

Though the disc player still played fine, my intent was to fix the carousel. I pulled it out and removed the casing from the top so I could see everything inside. I then stared at it for awhile, wondering what the heck to do next. I turned the dial to make the carousel move and to try and isolate what was squealing. I couldn’t figure it out, and the next thing I did added a ton more time onto what it would take to fix it – I removed all the CDs, and I wasn’t careful about keeping them in order (Note: I have a spreadsheet showing which CD occupies which spot, though it had been corrected in pencil several times). It appeared there was a “rubber” band that went around two round discs, one disc about twice the size of the other. I removed the band, and then tried putting it back on, but my hands just couldn’t quite navigate it without taking off another piece from the player, which I did.

After I got this back on, it did a bit more squealing. But after turning the knob for awhile longer, it stopped. Sweet! Now it was time to load the discs. I decided I would fill every spot and not plan to leave a spot open for a new disc I knew would be coming out, which is what I did in the past. After all, I rarely buy discs anymore. This involved moving discs around and adding more pencil to the spreadsheet. I did this until about 2am and then was up the next morning to finish it. The problem, as I alluded to earlier, is that in the early going I had a hard time finding the right discs spread all over the floor. And to make matters worse, the discs were getting carpet fibers and dog hair all over them. I was hoping I would find a couple lost items as well, like David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” or Squeeze’s “Singles 45’s and Under”, but they are still missing.

So now that it’s working, will I use it more? Well, I played about 4 songs on it Sunday, so it’s a start.


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