Missed Again

The great guitarist Adrian Belew came through town last night, and I missed him again. I have rarely seen an act twice, but I saw Adrian Belew in back-to-back years, I believe, around 1994-1995. I have the ticket stubs somewhere so I could look it up. The only other acts I have seen more than once are Yes and Semisonic. I don’t get out to a lot of concerts. But I loved his shows so much back then that I always wanted to see him again. This time around he was calling the tour “Two of a Perfect Trio” and it featured Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto, his buds from King Crimson, along with another guitarist, bass, and drums person. Honestly, I had a little trepidation about going because with that lineup I think he would be leaning towards playing more Crimson-like music and less of the stuff that had me hooked on him back then (albums like “Inner Revolution” and “Mr. Music Head”). Still, it’s Belew, and being in his 60’s, how many more opportunities will I even get?


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