My Top Two Could Use a Redo

Before we left for dinner on Sunday, I noted that the Patriots were winning 21-10 against the Bills after getting off to a 21-0 lead. It also appeared that the Bills were in scoring position again before we headed out. No worries. Give Brady and the boys a healthy lead and there is no way they are going to lose. But then I remembered the Colts playoff game a few years back in which the Pats also had a 21-0 lead and eventually lost. While at dinner, I couldn’t stand it any longer and asked Julie to give me my phone, which she put in her purse. She reluctantly agreed. Before I could go to my NFL app, I noticed a text from Nathan which said, “Bill-a-mania.” For a split second, I thought he was talking about Bill Belichick, and then I realized it was the Bills to which he was most likely referring. Gulp. Sure enough, the Patriots lost 34-31. Crazy. And they were even behind a TD at one point! Sad loss, given that Welker had a sick 200+ yard game.

My second favorite team was still playing when we got home, so I turned on the Falcons vs. Buccaneers game. The Falcons were down 16-3 and it looked hopeless when they didn’t convert on a 4th down. But in two fantastic offensive plays, they were back in the game. How can a team go a whole game with only 3 points and then score in 2 plays? Now it was time to hold off the Bucs. Though my dad could care less about the NFL, or so he says, he was cheering for the Bucs. Dad against son. And how would it end? On a 4th and 1 all the Falcons had to do was stand still as the Bucs were not going for it. But the plan worked and a Falcon jumped offsides. Game over.

So what did go right? The Jets lost. Hallelujah!


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