I have been holding a “Groupon” (actually from Famgrab) for about 5-6 months now and it was set to expire today. We originally tried to use it about 4 months ago and found the restaurant closed on a Sunday afternoon. It was for a pizza place about 20 minutes from here, so it was never convenient to just go pick it up. But that’s exactly what I did today. The value was $25, but the pizza I was ordering was about $17. I tacked on another pizza for $11 and all of a sudden, with tax, I was paying an extra $6 (disregard my math above as I didn’t include the pepperoni topping, but I know I paid $6 extra). As it turns out, the large was MORE than enough and no one really liked it. I couldn’t even fit the box of leftovers in the fridge without a complete overhaul. I should have just tacked on some breadsticks or another appetizer. Dumb.

So is it economical to get a groupon and then drive 40 minutes round-trip to get it and end up spending more than the value? In many cases, the value is usually never enough anyway, but in this case it was. And using it was very forced. In fact, to my chagrin, Julie told me she was not going to have pizza (and didn’t) because she ate too much the day before. I had already planned this since Sunday. Arrrrgggggh. The good news is I have avoided any groupons since I am without a job, unless it is a necessity. So when I get one for some haunted house in town, it’s on!


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