Old Mags Must Go

Underneath my bed, I have a stack of old magazines, specifically Mental Floss, Wired, The Atlantic, Atlanta, and Popular Science (which I no longer have an active subscription). I don’t want to get rid of them until I am sure I have read all the interesting stories from each of them. After I made an unsuccessful attempt to get my CPAP machine working, I pulled out a Mental Floss and started reading it with hopes I could dispose of it afterwards. I had read much of this issue from March-April 2011 before, including a story about George Burdell, a fictional Georgia Tech student created in the 1920’s by a student that received two application forms. He did so much work for Burdell that they both ended up graduating. I also read a story I do not recall reading before, which was “8 Things You Should Know About Congo.” Did you know it’s considered the rape capital of the world? Not exactly a distinction you want if your the leader of a country, though I doubt they really care over in Africa.

As it turns out, I didn’t finish the magazine and decided it wasn’t time to throw it out. So I laid it out on the bed in hopes of finishing it tonight before I fall asleep. But I wouldn’t bet on me finishing it before the ZZZZ’s start flying from a out of my mouth.


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