Kakuro is Back

I pulled out my “Will Shortz Easy Kakuro” book the other day and now I have a renewed interest in doing kakuro puzzles. Julie had been complaining she needed a new soduku book, and I found that hard to believe as it seems like she just bought two large books a couple weeks ago when Borders was going out of business. I told her to do kakuro, and she just frowned. So then I started doing kakuro again and I am quite enjoying it.

It’s not like I ever did it a lot. Julie says I just do it to be different, as in not doing soduku like most people. But I prefer it over soduku, because unlike soduku, it involves math. Even though soduku uses numbers, there is no math involved. Notice though I am doing a book with the word “easy” in it. When the going gets tough, I will probably “get going.”

I had one other kakuro book that I lost on a plane. It had really short puzzles that didn’t take very long. I just did a puzzle online that timed me and it took 11 minutes. I had a lot of distractions during that time too. I may have another book around here somewhere, but odds are I never even make it through this book I am curently doing. I give myself another 2 weeks and it will probably be collecting dust once again, not even half completed.


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