Shattered Phone and More

Tuesday night was a real fiasco. After returning home from dropping Mitchell off at band practice, I got out of the car and set my wallet, keys, and cell phone on the hood of my car so that I could shoot a few baskets. I was wearing shorts that didn’t have pockets because I had been running (more like half-walking) earlier in the day. After about 10 minutes of dropping basket after basket (I wish), Julie called me in for a phone call.

Around 10pm that night, after Julie returned home with Mitchell, the doorbell rang and two students were standing on the front step. In the hands of one student was my wallet, which they said they found up by the entrance of the subdivision. I was totally confused. I knew I had it with me when I dropped Mitchell off and I had not gone anywhere else. I thanked them, but the whole time I was perplexed. I offered them money and they declined, but not emphatically. I wish I would not have paid them, because what I DID give them was nuts: $2/each. All I had were $20 and remember – I am out of work. I didn’t explain this to them, but perhaps someday I will.

It wasn’t until after I shut the door that I realized something just wasn’t quite right. But then it hit me. When I came in for the phone call, I never took my phone, keys, and wallet off the hood. And Julie went driving off without seeing them that night when she went to pick up Mitchell. So that would mean my keys and phone were still outside somewhere. I went to the car and between the windshield and the hood I found my keys sticking up. How Julie did not see this is still a mystery, but she maintains it looked like leaves. But with all THREE items sitting on the hood, even if it’s dark, I would think it would be hard to miss these things.

Julie walked around the entrance to the subdivision as I called my number repeatedly, but no luck. I tried to find a way that you can locate an Android cell phone that has been lost, and wasn’t getting very good information. But then I called Verizon and was informed of an app called “Plan B”. From my computer, I could download the Plan B app to my phone and then try to locate it using the built-in GPS. As I would later find out, the Plan B software never downloaded, but it actually worked after it did download (which tells you I did find my phone).

That night I drove all the way up to the school, looking along the road fruitlessly. I just felt I needed to do it. I kept calling all night hoping someone would pick up. After midnight, it went straight to voicemail, and I thought this meant the battery ran out.

The next morning Julie drove Max up to school in the morning and they tried calling it. She said that there was ringing, so that’s really odd. I went walking up to the entrance of our subdivision once again, figuring I could cover a lot more ground in daylight. I looked everywhere and was just about to give up when I took a closer look at the crosswalk in front of the subdivision. There lie a small, black box. I picked it up and found it to be my phone, now complete with a shattered front face. But the back and battery were missing, though I found them not far away. I put it all together and it turned on!

To my surprise, the non-calling features actually seem like they work better, but the phone calling is not so sweet. I usually can’t hang up the phone or I cannot make another call after finishing the first call. I have been using the phone for nearly a week now and the face is actually bothering me less each day. I put a large piece of packing tape over it so that no glass shards enter my ear canal or get stuck in my fingers. Luckily, the very middle has only a few cracks, as opposed to the edges which as really bad. The only really dumb thing I did was cover the earpiece with the tape and I wondered for about half a day why it sounded so poorly.

Eventually, I guess I will get a new phone. Unfortunately, I am not upgrade eligible until March 2012, but Max’s phone IS eligible so I will probably use his eligibility. He kind of needs a new phone too, but hey, who’s the boss here?


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