This Last Week

I feel like I took the week off in regards to looking for a job, but I actually didn’t. But this time I didn’t do something every day. Originally, Monday was going to be THE day off. We planned to go to Amicalola Falls for the day and made it as far as a Publix about 3 miles down the road when we realized it wasn’t a good day to go. It was rainy and miserable outside. Plus, we didn’t get going until after 10am and we probably wouldn’t arrive until lunch. Grace was very disappointed when we turned around, but I promised her we would go on Wednesday. I don’t really remember the rest of the afternoon, but I don’t think it was terribly productive.

On Tuesday, I had been really wanting to go to the dollar theater and see “Captain America”. That morning, I took an online course on salary negotiation that was 90 minutes long, and then 30 minutes after that I was out the door for the movie. Added bonus: on Tuesday it’s only $1 exactly (instead of $1.75). It took a lot of willpower to avoid the temptation of movie theater popcorn. The buttered popcorn smell permeated every inch of the lobby, and it was strong. But I made it to the theater. Total movie experience: $1 (plus gas money, which it’s only about 2 miles down the road). How was the movie? Very old-fashioned action flick, but I quite enjoyed it. If it doesn’t win an Oscar for best special effects (making Chris Evans shorter and scrawny), the I don’t know what will. Please don’t let it be “Transformers 3”.

We kept to the promise Wednesday and went to Amicalola Falls. Today is actually the first day I am not sore from hiking up the falls. There were 420+ steps to get to the top. The whole time Grace was begging for her granola bar snack. It was very pretty and I especially liked the view from the platform about a third of the way up. We passed a man that was being tended to by paramedics. My mom would have loved it!

We probably spent about 90 minutes there and it was nearing lunch time. Julie wanted to go an apple orchard about 13 miles down the road, but I wasn’t sure how we would fit in lunch. About a half mile down the road we passed Burt’s Farm, a pumpkin patch. We stopped there and picked out a couple pumpkins and a few other odds and ends. There was a sign regarding the Amicalola Falls Lodge lunch buffet so I called to find out how much it was. Since kids were half price ($10.95 adults), we decided to go. We got a great view by the window and the food was great. Even better, because Roman and Grace barely ate anything, our waitress didn’t charge us for them. How cool is that? Sometimes it pays to have kids that only want something off the dessert bar.

We ended up going to two apple orchards, as we passed one just before reaching the one we we wanted. The first one had a petting zoo, but we believe you had to pay to get in. Plus, it was unclear whether it was even open. We do know that the apple picking section was only open on the weekend, so we went to the next one. Apple picking was available, but it cost extra to do it. We passed on the opportunity and bought a couple bags instead. Julie used much of one just to make applesauce. I haven’t eaten one plain yet. I also had a delicious muscadine grape slushie for $1. We arrived home around 5:30pm, so that was all that was accomplished this day.

Thursday i got back into the swing of things a bit, and later that night we went to the Homecoming football game for Pope. I rarely ever watch high school football, and that includes my own high school when I was a teenager. I probably went to two games. We went to Bishop Heelan games in Sioux City, when Max was in the band, and BH would always blow out the other team, which was no fun. I must say this game ended up being great (Roman called it the best football game he was ever seen) as Pope had to play catchup and scored 21 points in the 4th quarter. After the game, we were set to watch the band play. During the game, it had been raining off and on. That’s OK for football, but not for the band. When the band finally started playing the part of the routine we had never seen, the rain came down and that was that.

Friday was just like any other Friday. No one able to get back with me. I am starting to question how many people are actually doing work on Friday. I spent much of the afternoon at the library book sale, which was 30 minutes away. I spent nearly 2 hours there, which I had not planned to do. I was impressed at how well it was organized. When I could not find any CD’s, someone directed me to a whole other warehouse that had more paperbacks, CDs, and unfortunately way too many VHS tapes. I walked out with several books I probably don’t need and one CD, totally $11.50 in all. The sale went on through today, and though things were probably deeply discounted today, I didn’t want to make the trek.

We ended up catching the part of the band routine we missed at a competition taking place at Sprayberry high school Saturday, but we had a terrible view since we stopped at Chick-Fil-A first to cash in our free sandwich coupons that we received Thursday night at the game. Oh well.

I already wrote about camping out Saturday night, so I won’t say any more on that topic.


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