One of the things I thought I could do to supplement income while I am off work is to participate in PAID online research or focus group research. About three weeks ago, I signed up through FG Global to get updates from companies looking for participants in my metro area. When I went through the survey screener for the first couple invites I received, I was rejected because it asked if I now or had EVER worked for a marketing research company, and I answered “yes”. I knew there was a 99.9% chance it would throw me out, and it did, but they don’t call me Honest Paul for nothing.

In the last two days, I received invitations for what sounded like very fun studies. Today’s invite was for a focus group to discuss entertainment. It didn’t ask me if I ever worked for a marketing research company right off the bat like the other surveys. Instead, it asked for my employment status. As soon as I marked “not employed”, I was kicked out. This happened last night as well.

Can’t they cut a guy a break here? My opinions on today’s Top 40 music would have been invaluable! And they would have enjoyed me going off about how I think Natalie Portman is an overrated actress. But alas, they will have to wait until this guy is employed and suffers a severe head injury, erasing any memory of having worked for a marketing research company in the past.


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