Mickey D’s Disaster

Our local McDonald’s is a mess. First off, I don’t like eating there, but it seems to be the only fast food place in my kids’ minds other than Chick-fil-A. And if it’s Sunday, then Chick-fil-A is not an option. Max has been bugging me about going and getting Monopoly pieces the last 2 or 3 weekends, and I told them if they did a good job cleaning up their rooms I would get it for lunch. Naturally, they wanted the food FIRST. No dice.

Since the McRib was back, I could tolerate going as I am a fan of that thing. I ask the guy at window #1 if the Monopoly promo is still active, and he confirms it is but has no idea how it works. Apparently, he works in maintenance but was called to take money. At window #2, I am pretty sure the lady does not speak English. I ask her if the monopoly game is still going on, and she says “no” and hands me one bag of food. I am pretty sure my order is not all in this back and even though I ask her, she shuts the window. When it reopens, I ask her again and she mumbles something sounding like a “yes.” Still, I park the car and check it out. Nope. No McRib and also no Quarter Pounder for Grace. Two big items. Wow. I go back through the drive thru since there is only one car ahead and me and tell them the problem. The guy tells me to pull around and walks it out the door. Now, since he obviously knew the food had not picked up, couldn’t he have made more of an effort to take it outside and maybe look for my car? Is that a cost saving thing?

Both McDonald’s near us do this all the time. Usually it’s “pull up and we will bring your food out when it’s ready.” And then no one comes out. Hopefully this will satisfy Max’s McDonald’s bug for another month or so, though I wish it was more like 20 years.


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