Mosaic Madness

Tuesday we went to the special mass for the bishop. It was a fiasco getting there, and once again Julie didn’t bother saving me a seat, but in the end I got to walk up to the front with the family and present the bishop with a special mosaic Julie created and funded (at cost) by her homeschool group. It was quite beautiful actually, so I was a bit disappointed in that neither she nor the priest who took it from her turned it to face the people so they could see it. Considering Julie wants to start selling her work, this was a PRIME marketing opportunity.

As it turns out, she was contacted by someone about making one but had no idea how to price it. But telling someone it costs $1,200 and giving it as a gift…..boy, I don’t know. It’s a hard price to justify. But it sounds like she did her homework, so I won’t interfere.
The Holy Family II


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